Distribution Beers

Hell's Half Mile - Munich Style Helles Lager

Our flagship beer!  Hell's Half Mile is a German style Helles Lager that is pale gold with a creamy white head. Helles is German for bright. Hell's Half Mile has an appealing grainy aroma with a slightly sweet malty flavor yet perfectly balanced with traditional noble hop characteristics. Don't let the light color fool you! This full bodied beer is complex and refreshing!  

5.8% abv and 20.4 IBU  

Available in bottles and draft.

Charity Island - India Pale Ale

Charity Island IPA has the bold and assertive hop characteristics of an American IPA. Brewed with 100% malted barley, the five hop additions give an aroma with a rich citrus, floral, and resinous bouquet. The crisp hoppy flavor is in perfect harmony with the malt backbone with a refreshing, clean, and dry finish.  

6.4% abs  72 IBUs  

Available in bottles and draft

Intergalactic Jack - Dry Hopped Pale Ale

We used Galaxy hops from Australia.   If you are not familiar with the Galaxy hop, it gives a unique combination of citrus and passionfruit notes. This light golden ale was hopped three times during the brewing process and then dry hopped for two weeks.  Intergalactic Jack has orange, passion fruit, light grapefruit aromas and flavor.  

5.5% abv and 46 IBU's.  

Available in bottles and draft.

Giant Slayer - Russian Imperial Stout

It takes courage to face a giant & we know you face them regulary every day.  Because you don’t run away from these giants, Tri City Brewing makes this Russian Imperial Stout in your honor. Giant Slayer is bursting with an abundance of character and is sure to be the new favorite of stout fans. Our Stout presents itself with huge roasted, chocolate, and coffee malt flavors. This beer provides a rich, full bodied drinking experience with dark hints of old world style.  9% abv  66 IBUs

Available in bottles and draft

Cherry Torchon Belgian Pale Ale

Our newest bottled beer is made with Montmorcery Cherries and our Trappist Ale yeast resulting in a light amber color with a moderate fruity and spicy aroma and taste.  Perfectly balanced biscuit maltiness with subtle cherry fruitiness provides the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness.

5.5% abv  26 IBU 

Available in bottles and draft

Summer Seasonal - Loons Summer Ale

Our Summer Ale is a smooth refreshing blonde ale perfect for sitting by the lake, at a cottage, or in the backyard. Tri-City Loons is the perfect complement to any summer day around the Great Lakes.

Available in bottles and draft.

Fall Seasonal - Oktoberfest

Fall in a glass! This classic malty style is often described as elegant and complex. Tri-City’s is orange in color with a moderate toasted malt aroma. It has a distinctive malt flavor that isn’t too sweet with a moderate and balanced noble hop flavor. A fan favorite, this Oktoberfest doesn’t last long.

Available in bottles and draft.

Winter Seasonal - Brownhoist Nut Brown Ale

This award winning beer took its name from the rich industrial history of Bay City. Our Nut Brown Ale is medium bodied with a rich mahogany-brown color. We use five different types of premium-malted barley and two hop varieties for the malty flavor with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Available in bottles and draft.

Spring Seasonal - Phelan Irish Red

Phelan Irish Red is an authentic Irish Ale with its own unique flavor. It is medium bodied with a deep ruby color, moderate malt aroma, and a creamy, tan head.  We use a unique combination of pale ale malt, caramel malts, and roasted barley to give a subdued sweetness with a slight toffee-like quality.    

4.8% abv 27 IBUs

Available in bottles and draft.